Tree Removal Techniques

Trees need to be cut down from time to time if they pose a danger to people or property. Structurally compromised trees, overgrown branches or even a need to get some new landscaping done might all contribute to tree removal. It is important to know the process of tree removal to ensure that little, if any, damage happens during the process.

Cutting down a Tree near a House Using Experts

Cutting down a tree near a house using experts is ideal. In fact, using experts for any tree cutting is the best idea. You are assured that there will be no damage. If there is any, experts usually have insurance and this covers for any unnecessary losses.

A good number of people has turned to DIY tree cutting since there are many tutorials online on how to do it. This is a bad idea. It could lead to extensive damages and injuries. In addition to this, tree cutting requires special equipment that is expensive to buy and difficult to use. The bottom line is that you should call an expert if you want to get rid of a tree from your compound.

Planning for the Process

The first part of any tree removal technique is to plan for the process. Without planning, you are likely to injure yourself and others or even cause serious damages to cars and fences among other things. In planning for the process, you must identify where the tree is located, how big it is, the girth of the tree and everything in the immediate surroundings. This helps to identify which direction you would like the tree to fall and the radius that is safe for this. It also helps to choose the equipment to use: will you need a chainsaw or a crane?

Safety First

Before embarking on tree cutting, ensure that all the safety precautions are in place. Every professional working on the tree must have protective gloves, goggles and every other piece of clothing required for protection. He or she must also be trained in the use of every piece of equipment they will put their hands to.

With safety equipment and training, these professionals can handle any curveball that comes their way. This is not the same if you are not a professional. You might end up getting hurt without the necessary protective gear. You could even injure yourself or others while handling tools that you are not trained to despite having the protective gear.

The Process

Tree removal techniques are rather simple. They involve:

  • Cutting Off Branches

Most professionals prefer to start by cutting off the branches in order to reduce the fall radius. To do this, they cut away the lower branches first and work their way up. Some might prefer to start from the top coming down. Whatever the case, you want to remove the branches first. If necessary, cut each branch off in bits, starting from the ends towards the trunk, if it is too large. Most professionals only opt for a ladder as the last resort and not the primary one. This is because ladders fall easily especially when one is working alone. They are therefore unreliable.

  • Cutting The Trunk

To do this, you first need to clear off the area where the tree will fall. Steer clear of fences, advice owners to move cars, move kennels and anything else that could be destroyed by the fall. Anyone who is not working on the tree should also steer clear of this area. Proceed to tie one end of a rope to the tree and have everyone else working on the tree hold the free end of the rope. Let a professional arborist make the first v-cut on the side where the tree should fall. The second cut should be made on the other side and all members of the professional team should pull on the desired fall side to direct the tree. Everyone should then steer clear of the fall radius to avoid getting injured.

In the case of very tall trees, you would need to trim the crown of the tree first. This involves cutting the trunk in bits and pieces starting from the top. Doing this helps to reduce the fall area as well.


Tree removal techniques are simple and straightforward on paper but they should only be carried out by professionals. It is very easy to injure yourself and other or cause damage. Call a professional arborist to oversee the tree removal and save yourself from all the things that could potentially go wrong.

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