Top Work Related Injuries

As long as you are not in a bubble, you will interact with the environment. This also means that you will probably encounter a few hiccups. It is therefore not impossible for a worker to get injured at work. This is why employers are required to have workplace injury insurance in case of such scenarios. The insurance can pay for medical bills associated with the injury as well as wages for the duration of time required for the worker to recover.

Some of the most common work related injuries include:

Slipping and Falling

Many times, people slip and fall while at the workplace. This is caused by various factors. There could be obstacles on the floor, someone might have coincidentally stretched their legs as the other person walked by or the floor might be wet and slippery from a spill or cleaning. The remedy to this is for everyone to be alert and aware at the workplace. If you are not alert, that means that you do not pay attention to what is going on in your immediate environment. You will end up injured even when you could have avoided it.

Reaction Injuries

These are injuries that come about when someone slipped or begun to fall but did not end up on the ground. People react by holding onto objects or breaking their fall with various parts of the body such as the hands. The pressure in such reactions can lead to bruises or serious injuries.

This can be remedied in the same way as slipping and falling. Be aware of your environment so yo9u do not find yourself in such predicaments. However, if you do, do your best to react in a way that doesn’t lead to more injuries.

Repetitive Action Injuries

When you have certain repetitive tasks or actions such as typing or seating at a computer all day, you will most likely get an injury. Your eyesight might become poor, you might suffer from carpal tunnel, have back and joint pains. This is expected. However, it can also be avoided or reduced so that the probability of suffering from some of these injuries is reduced. To do this, you can invest in an ergonomic seat and desk in addition to paying attention to the brightness of your computer screen among other things.

Falling Object Injuries

These injuries occur mostly in factories and construction sites. They could also occur in normal offices where files and boxes are piled. As they are being moved, one could easily have these objects falling on them.

If you work at a factory, warehouse or even a construction site where such injuries are more likely to occur, it is upon you to take the initiative and wear protective gear. Since head injuries are most common, you should have a yellow hard hat to protect your head just in case an object falls. This will not only save you from minor injuries or concussions but it could also save your life.

Violent Confrontation Injuries

One of the most common office place injury is as a result of violent confrontation. Some people do not know how to deal with conflict and end up getting into fights with co-workers for one reason or another. This is not an ideal situation.

To avoid such injuries, employees need to know how to deal with conflict when it arises because it will definitely arise at one point in time. This can be taught through formal training catered for by the employer. At the same time, you should avoid getting yourself in situations that escalate to such violence.

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You cannot completely eliminate work injuries as long as you have more than one person in the office and equipment, even a desk in the environment. There will always be fodder for an accident. However, this does not mean that all hope is lost. You can take measures to reduce the chances of getting hurt at the workplace. Your employer or company has a responsibility to provide you with conducive working environments. They are also tasked with getting an insurance cover that will cater for every expense, including wages if you have to take time out to recover.

That said, the employer can only do so much. You should also be active in ensuring that you are alert and aware of your environment and your co-workers. This will reduce the probability of an accident occurring. This is why you have a few tips under each of these top work-related injuries that you can use to avoid getting injured at the workplace.

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